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Solawise is a renewable energy company. Our speciality is Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) solutions and environmentally-friendly, green-based, replenishable power sources. For many years, we’ve been providing honest, reliable and expert advice to domestic customers, businesses and to the public sector all across South East England.

From our headquarters in Beckenham, Kent, Solawise is regularly consulted to implement a broad range of Photovoltaic installations and environmentally friendly solutions in London and throughout the South East of England.

Renewable and replenishable energy is on everyone’s lips today because costs need to be contained and the energy future properly managed. We can help you to do that, comfortably, sensibly and cost-effectively. We’ll tailor an energy solution that is designed to meet your personal and specific needs and work with you through every step of your journey, from start to finish - and way beyond - we’ll be right beside you, all of the way.

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